The Basics For Creating Great Brows

If you`ve always had trouble achieving the perfect brow, your not alone. The perfect brow shape has eluded many of us, whether it be through compulsive over-plucking, the painted-on brow look, the bushy furrow, or the unibrow, this area can go wrong in more ways than one. There are many ways you can go wrong, but only a select few to get a classy, clean look that properly frames your face. We`ll share with you how to avoid having brows you regret, and how to simply and easily achieve the right brow for you.

Setting The Mold

You`ll want to begin by finding a brow that you not only like, but is a good fit for your face. Brows are meant to frame the face so you`ll want to be sure that you pick a style that works well with your features. If you have any questions, try your hand a some brow stencils and pencil in the area where your brows would be first before you go plucking or waxing away, to make sure you really want to take the plunge into that particular shape.

The great thing about stencils is that you can try them on first without committing. Your taste may be more towards the full and natural, or leaning towards the thin and linear – either way, you`ll want to take the proper steps for preparation so as to avoid regret.

Proceeding With Your Brows

If you`ve decided to go the professional route through brow waxing, you`re job is easy. Your brow stylist will help you a choose the appropriate style for your face and all you have to do is lie back and endure. If you`ve decided to try it at home, your job is a little more difficult. You`ll need a quality pair of precision tweezers and once you get in the midst of brow shaping, you`ll see why spending a little more on a pair of quality tweezers is worth it – individual hairs are much easier to capture. Icing immediately before and after helps greatly to avoid swelling.

Begin by lightly penciling in the shape of the brow you`re going for using your stencil. Next, you`ll want to pluck the hair directly above and underneath your stenciling. Great advice when plucking – when in doubt, don`t pluck. It`s better to not pluck an area in question and later go back for that hair in the final brush up than to pluck too much.

It`s easy to get compulsive when plucking, but it`s important to take one hair at a time, trying not to pluck multiple hairs simultaneously. Once you have plucked around your stenciled shape, you can fill in sparse areas with pencil or powder. In measuring your brows, keep in mind that brows should begin in line with the outer corner of your nose, end at a 45-degree angle with the outer corner of your eye, and peak just on the outside of your iris.

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