Why Sex & Anti-Aging Go Hand-in-Hand

Sex may seem like such a cliché when it comes to basically everything, from marketing and fashion to what we see on television and read in magazines. However, the act of sex itself has now grown beyond the physical aspect. Research has discovered that one of the easiest ways to maintaining a youthful and vibrant appearance over the years is by having a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Anti-aging in general isn’t just about targeting only your complexion, just as trying to get a flatter stomach involves more than just working your stomach and abdominal area. Sex is a physical act that stimulates body, mind, and your overall well being. By eating right, including moderate exercise, taking vitamins and throwing in a healthy sex life, you are doing the most you can to make sure you age well and gracefully over the years.

Having a youthful complexion is often the result of having a healthy body. It is now common knowledge that the act of sex itself is very effective in working out your muscles, increasing your heart rate, and can even help you sleep better afterwards. Additionally, having regular sex is great for improving your stamina, muscle tone, and your heart. One of the most important reasons to have regular, healthy sex is to lower your stress levels. We all know that stress can manifest itself in various ways – namely your complexion. How often has your stress level resulted in a breakout or other unsightly skin condition? With your stress level decreased, your complexion will look healthier and refreshed, not to mention that you and your partner will greatly increase the strength of your relationship.

Sex doesn’t have to be just limited to the energetic youngsters in their 20s and 30s. Having a healthy and regular sex life should be a focal point for those that are middle aged and older. Studies show that physical and mental health is greatly improved and maintained by those that are in their 50s and older. Lack of such activity can actually make you more susceptible to ailments such as joint pain, heart attack, and even prostate cancer. The act of sex does a lot for the body, including releasing cancer-causing toxins or substances to be released from the body as well as keeping the heart healthy and less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

For those that are middle age or older, you may want to look into adding a good multivitamin into your daily routine as well as maintaining a good and healthy sex life. The added benefits of certain vitamins and minerals are essential in allowing your body to function properly and keep you at the top of your game. Such vitamins include vitamin B to aide in keeping your energy levels high and your stamina going, iron for enhancing and improving your immune system, vitamin E for proper oxygen flow to the muscles and the heart, and flavanoids to provide your body with plenty of free-radical fighting antioxidants and proper lung function. To make sure you and your partner are aging well, talk to your doctor about your sex life and what steps to take in order to make sure that you are both doing all you can.