2-In-1 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

Just about everyone’s schedules have gotten more hectic in recent years. From busy, single working individuals to couples and families with kids to raise, even trying to maintain a basic daily routine can become quite a challenge. In terms of skincare and a beauty regimen, women have even less time to devote. Thankfully, that is precisely what 2-in-1 beauty products were designed for. Just a few of these prized items can make your daily routine much smoother and leave you looking great in the process.

As the name suggests, 2-in-1 beauty products combine the benefits of two different items into one. One of the first 2-in-1 formulas out on the market dealt with hair care products, namely the combination of shampoo and conditioner into one bottle. This smart and time saving formula gained popularity quickly, leading to a wide selection of such products to choose from not just in hair care but in the beauty industry as well. If you’re looking for ways to cut down your prep time in the morning, you’ll definitely want to consider some or all of the 2-in-1 beauty products listed below.

Combination Eyeliner and Eye Shadow: By putting eyeliner and eye shadow into one, double-ended makeup stick, women everywhere can easily put together an eye makeup look that suits their style without wasting time. This 2-in-1 beauty product comes in presorted shades that complement each other so no matter what color palette you feel like sporting, your 2-in-1 will guarantee that your eyeliner matches your eye shadow perfectly. Some even come with a bonus 3-in-1 formula that combines eyeliner, eye shadow and even a highlighter so you can give your peepers the full effect without ever having to reach for an additional makeup item. Carrying this product in your purse also makes quick touch ups a breeze.

Combination Makeup Brushes: It’s no secret that having the perfect makeup collection often involves touting around a handful of makeup brushes for each application. The latest 2-in-1 beauty products make this much easier to accomplish by offering double ended makeup brush sets. While purchasing a set still means multiple brushes, the double ended design cuts down the actual number you’ll need and are the ideal size for any makeup bag. Simply bring along the brushes you know you’ll need and leave the rest at home. The pricier sets even come with their own special case.

Combination Gloss and Lip Color: Teaming up lip color and gloss is one of the earliest versions of the 2-in-1 beauty products readily available on the market. However, if your makeup bag is still missing out on this item, it would definitely be in your best interest to add this to your collection. What makes the 2-in-1 gloss and lip color duo so great for daily use is that the formula offers the ability for long lasting results, a layer of shine that not only makes your pout look great, but keeps it well moisturized and protected from dryness. Additionally, the gloss and lip color 2-in-1 products come in a variety of shades.

Combination Concealer and Blemish Control: Everyone gets the occasional breakouts and dark under eye circles. Luckily, with a 2-in-1 beauty product that offers a double ended stick with both concealer and a blemish fighting formula, women no longer have to worry about using tons of makeup to hide their problem areas. Using the blemish control end utilizes special oils like lavender and tea-tree to treat pimples on site. Follow up with the concealer and no one will be the wiser. This item is ideal for acne prone skin.