Ideal Exercise For Your Biceps

Your bicep is obviously the foremost body part that you would like to showcase to your friends and the ladies. Guys with huge biceps are indeed hit with the girls. So for a guy who does not have those big guns, it is inevitable for you to look for the best bicep exercise in the world in order to elevate your hotness meter to a higher level.

Of course, having great biceps has the above advantages but aside from the aesthetic appeal, great-looking biceps are also involved in various bodily routines that help you function as a healthy person. Lifting things, transporting heavy packages, and stuff like that really demands strong arms and you can only do that if you’ve got them.

In your quest for finding the best bicep exercise that suits your individuality and strength, you need to try out different exercises in order to see what really fits and what does not. To save you some time, a list of the best bicep exercises are detailed in the succeeding to help you improve your biceps fast.

Take into account that the best bicep exercise involves pulling movements and curling your hand towards your shoulders such as in bicep curls. This specific movement would result in a sort of reaction so that the body will create more muscles in that specific area, thereby creating a huge bicep that you have been musing about to have.

Before you tackle on each of the bicep exercise, take into account that as a newbie, select 2 exercises only and finish at least two sets of 12 to 16 reps. For intermediate to advanced folks, at most 3 sets of at most 12 reps is sufficient.

  • Bicep curl routine. The bicep curl is the most essential but is the best bicep exercise that you can do. To carry out a basic curl, you need to hold the weights such as a dumbbell with your palms facing outward. Remember to always avoid your elbows from drifting away from your body while doing the curl. In fact, when you curl the weight towards your shoulders, the elbows should remain still. Lower the dumbbells and do the same thing all over again until you complete a set.
  • Another kind of bicep curl is the barbell curl. This is an improvement from the dumbbells because with a barbell, the weight is a lot heavier and you work both your arms at the same time.
  • Concentration curl exercises. This type of curl is targeted on a specific bicep area to make the muscles grow bigger and firmer.
  • Hammer curl routines. This is almost similar to the bicep curl. Every time you curl your arms, your palms are facing each other and not facing outwards. Just a slight change in the palms direction makes this particular regimen more intense and powerful.

For best results, use the hammer curls with your bicep and concentration curls for your arm routines.